Website Design 2.0 Changelog

I've redesigned the blog. This post just covers the technical whats and hows of it all.

What's changed ?

  • New Dark theme colours: Look around. Look at this dark purply-grey. Look at the same brand-orange, and the deliciously crisp white text. New colours!
  • 100% More Portfolio: I completely revamped the homepage so that it actually showcases my writing and my work. The content isn't hidden behind anything anymore.
  • 50% Less Bio: I've shortened bios and text on the home page, they made the site feel a lot more static and like a placeholder site than I wanted.
  • Blog Series Highlight: I've highlighted, and made accessible, certain series on my blog (like my "Things Week I Learned" series). You can now filter for just these posts on the blog page.
  • Personal Brand: The site sizzles a little bit more with personal brand and little "moments" in the UI. It's a "website experience". This includes little self-aware UI labels which seem very post-modernist and bring me joy.
  • Tags: I added tags to blog posts. They don't do anything right now though lol.

Yeah but how?

I bloody love talking about workflows and processes. By brevity here is a mercy and a kindness:

  • Design: Any and all visual design was done in Figma. I bloody love Figma.
  • Code: This site was, and remains, a static site built with Gatsby (and therefore on React and GraphQL)
  • Deployment: Netlify, and they do a stunning job.
  • Writing: Everything is Markdown (markdown is cool). I write with iA Writer for longer pieces (like this) and Obsidian for research and emergent writing.