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My name is Thomas Wilson, I am a fullstack software engineer who works with socially responsible companies.

Concise Bio

I write about tech and things on my blog.

I am a frontend engineer at Oxwash. We’re building the next generation of sustainable laundry.

I used to work in Data Privacy and Education Technology (where I also have a PhD).

I dance, cycle, run, speak French badly, and cook quite well.

Less concise bio

Software Engineering. In 2014 I started writing software for my Ph.D. because I thought “how hard can it be?”. I ended up giving myself a grounding in the MVP-first philosophy of making and delivering software. I started writing software in Ruby (Rails, specifically), and I’ve spent the past four years modern writing TypeScript and JavaScript applications, mostly with React and Node. Other than that, I’ve also been paid to write Java, C#, and Python. I’ve written Rust, Go, Kotlin, and Swift for free.

Socially Responsible. We all know that we’ve spent at least the past sixty (and potentially the last three hundred) years treating eachother and the planet in an unsustainable way. I am commited to dedicating the tens of thousands of hours I will accrue over my professional life to solving and lessening these problems. That means creating a society, economy, and environment which are treated fairly and respectfully.

Fitness. I’m not very good at sitting still. I am a medium- and long-distance cyclist (in 2019 I cycled from Paris to Lyon), a fair-weather runner, and an advocate for HIIT (because it’s over quickly)

Arts & Culture. TODO: This section

Recent Writing

Blog Series


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    My favourite music albums released in (or around) 2020. This is my second review piece like this, come and find some music you love

  • Eating Disorder Anthology

    I have re-published (and re-designed) some writing documenting me experience living with (and around) eating disorders. Previously published on Medium.

  • Top Albums of 2019

    Inspired by James Acaster, this is a (nicely art-directed) page of my favourite albums released in 2019.

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