(Thomas) Wilson

I love the craft of making well-built things, especially software and clothes. My embarrassing but earnest goal is to:

make things stronger which don't rely on exploitation, excessive waste, or dishonesty; and to try and build a kinder, fairer world even when it's hard.

I try to think and be curious, which is why I keep a weblog and, equally worth mentioning, what got me through a Ph.D. in Education Technology.

Here are some things I've written recently:

  1. Thoughts on generative AI (2024-04-06)
  2. When should tests fail ? (2024-03-29)
  3. Make it easy to just try again (2024-03-23)

Right now I am a Senior Software engineer at Laka, building tools actually fairer insurance. Before that, I was Head of Software Engineering at Oxwash, building tools for actually sustainable laundry.