Things I learned this week #3

  • This medieval lingo: Have you ever wondered how to refer to the area where a good-old-fashioned joust took place? You know, jousts? Two men, two horses, two giant poles, and one film where Heath Ledger is irresponsibly handsome? Sorry, I got distracted there - did you know the area where the jousts took places is called a List, and the fence that separated the two riders is called the Tilt (source). Initially it seemed a little wild to me that people ever jousted without the tilt, seems a little bit like unnecessary risk but that seems a little like mopping up the seawater as the Titanic sinks.
  • This unusual payment: Between the 12th and 19th centuries there was a menagerie at the Tower of London. Around the 17th century, if you didn’t fancy paying the three half-pence entrance fee, you could bring a cat or a dog - which was presumably used for food. source
  • This new word: Heterodox or Heterodoxy, meaning a belief which deviates from some norm or convention, but not enough to be unorthodox or unorthodoxy.
  • This Minoan jewellery: About three-four thousand years ago, the Minoans created some incredible bee jewellery. Created around 1800-1700 BE by the Minoans in what is now Crete, the Bees were symbols of nature/earth, with honey being used in holy rituals by the culture. I’m amazed that humans made those so long ago, and that they survive until today to be seen.

Things I’ve had on rotation

  • Something new: Broken Access by Theo Alexander (2020). The spacious, elegant classical tones of this piece make it a joy to drift off to and come back to. (Spotify, Apple Music)
  • Something old: Camp by Childish Gambino (2011). While I’m glad that Childish Gambino has evolved into what he is, the mixtape, hype, and always-woke vibes of old Gambino are what you need sometimes. (Spotify, Apple Music)

Cool things:

  • - Create nice little screenshot mockups in your browser. Found this on r/webdev.
  • - A futuristic sci-fi and cyberpunk GUI. I love me some retro-future aesthetic. Found this everywhere because people kept sharing it.