The Eating Anthology

Thomas Wilson

For at least the past five years, I have been living with a part of my brain which cannot manage a healthy relationship with food. In times of stress or distress I manage a loss of feeling of control by restricting my calorie consumption, and over-exercising. I can also find it difficult to not have control over what, where, and how I eat. This is a collection of writings I have put together to explain how these things feel to me.

I hope by being public with one of the longest-running and impactful parts of my life, someone else with a similar peculiarity can feel less alone. However, the world being what it is (sometimes scary and cruel) - these articles aren't everything. I have left parts out, intentionally and I'm sure otherwise.

You can find all of my pieces here:

Note The 2016 and 2017 pieces in this collection were previously published on I have since removed them, because of the site's degraded reader experience. This is my personal site and I'm not pushing you into a sales funnel.