Re-publishing my writing on my experiences with food and eating disorders

tl;dr - I have moved the writing I have created on my experiences with eating disorders to this site (and off of Medium.). You can find them here.

For at least the past five years, my mental health has been affected through and alongside a weird relationship with food, exercise, and eating. I find writing helps me clarify my thoughts and my situation to me. While a lot of this writing is intentionally private, there are a couple of piece I want to be publicly available.

Back when I published my first piece on this subject, I put it on - however that site has recently favoured the advertiser over the reader. Back in 2016 it was very much the opposite, and while I understand they need to make money from people reading their writing - I don't, and so I can afford to favour the reader experience. When I've written something so personal and meaningful, I wanted people to read it in the same way.

So I have collated my writing into a small anthology, which you can find on my personal site, here or each piece individually at:

I've left the initial pieces as untouched - with only some minor styling changes to bring some of the long lyrics I mention into life.